Flyer printing is more than tossing something together in your word processor and hoping it works. This is a delicate process that when done properly will help you to get noticed. When working with a print broker, you will have a chance to create a standout flyer that will stand out among the competition.

A Bold Title
Avoid the wishy-washy run of the mill titles and headlines. Have people take notice by utilize powerful words that command attention. “Easy”, “Discover” and “Proven” are examples. If you aren’t sure about what to include in this headline, take a moment to sit down with a print broker to help guide you through this process.

Be Smart With Graphics
Your graphics are going to draw in your reader. Make sure they aren’t busy or cluttered on the page. Usually, a single clear image that is visible from a distance will deliver great results. All it takes is having a high resolution photograph on hand so that it comes out clear when your flyer printing is being done.

Keep It Organized
The layout of your page should be clear and concise. If you aren’t sure on borders, pictures and text placement ask your print broker before you do your flyer printing. They can help to ensure that you are maximizing the space.

Write Wisely
Make it easy to find items by highlighting and bolding important sections and items. However, avoid writing in all caps as this tends to take away from the flyer.

Remember That Less is More
You don’t need to go over the top with your design or get too wordy. People want clear, concise and well-presented information. Some of the most effective flyers you will find are those that are simple and to the point.

How Will Your Product or Service Benefit Them
A reader always wants to know how something will benefit from them. That means writing the piece to cater to their thought process. Answer the questions the buyer will have in your limited space and use “you” and “your”. This simple conversational tool will help you more than you know.

Take things a step further and fill the body with words like free, guarantee, new and save. Then break sections down into smaller ones to prevent the reader from having text overload.

Give People Proof
If something sounds too good to be true, people will run the other way. When possible, offer the endorsement of someone or give a case study that supports your claims that can be easily verified.

Don’t Forget to Edit
Typo filled flyers tend to be avoided. Use spellcheck and double check the flow of the piece a few times. Follow this by verifying your contact information and ensure you are providing the best product possible.

Offer a Discount When Possible
Place a coupon on the flyer that will spark some interest. This can be a simple way for a person to tear a tag from the flyer and to use that information to place an order. It will also serve as a reminder later on if they forget about the opportunity while running errands.

Let Your Print Broker Help You
If you are on a budget or have restrictions you need to work with, let a professional print broker help you. They have a considerable amount of experience and will be able to deliver the results you need, based on your individual requirements.

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