Headlines are used in a number of industries and are essential to get noticed and to secure sales. Newspapers and magazines use them to get people to purchase a paper by attracting readers to certain articles. Business owners will use a headline to grab a person’s attention so they will stop and focus on a sales sheet, which can secure a sale.

In a world where there is so much competition, your headline is going to make or break you. While some people will toss some large font onto a page and hope for the best, if your competition takes the time to create a great looking headline and detailed text, they are more likely to land a customer than you are. With a business relying heavily on the right headline in place, it is important to turn to print broker to ensure that your headline fonts work.

Headlines Must Be Easy to Read
Having the right font on hand ensures that customers can read the headline in seconds. The font needs to be easy to read to read in seconds, while standing out at the same time. Your print broker can show you several different headline fonts that will be easy for people to read in seconds that will stand out on the page.

Fonts Should Match the Tone
Just because a font is pleasant to the eyes, doesn’t mean that it is appropriate. A serious article shouldn’t have a fun and whimsical headline font. While creating a contrast in font styles is great since it can add to the enjoyment of the reader, the headline font still needs to set a tone.

Avoid Decorative Fonts for Headlines
Decorative fonts for headlines tend to be a tough sell. If they are too long, it can be unpleasing to the eyes and most are difficult to read. While you may enjoy an elaborate and decorative font on a page, most readers still prefer to have a block letter design.

You Need to Work With a Print Broker
While working with your print broker, they will sit down with you and help you to determine the right font for your project. Often, these headlines will be 32 points at least and draw the reader in. Most of the time headlines will be listed in all caps to ensure that they stand out and are easier for a person to read in passing. The print broker can then kern your headlines so that distracting gaps are removed and the headline looks professional.

As you can see, having the right headline in place is going to be critical to the financial success of your business. Make sure you keep the above mentioned tips in mind and work closely with your print broker to ensure that your headline font is the appropriate style and size for your project. That way, you will stand a chance in an already tough market.

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