The printing process can be expensive and time consuming if you aren’t sure about what you are doing. While a print broker can help you through the process, there are some basics that you should keep in mind in order to help simplify things and keep more money in your pocket.

Color is an example of an item that might not be necessary when printing and it will incur a higher cost. The problem is that the more color and graphics a project has, the longer it will take to print and the more it will cost. If you do need to have color for a project, consider using standard inks on the project. These basics don’t require additional work for the printing job the print broker sets up. That will result in a fast turnaround and general savings.

Photographs that are printed in color will also significantly increase print time and cost. If a photograph is an absolute must for a document, try to determine the smallest size possible to reduce the print time and cost, without sacrificing the clarity of the photograph.

Your document’s layout and dimensions for printing will also be impacted. When setting up page layouts, try to avoid having images and text bleeding off the page, as this can bump you up to a larger sheet of paper and cause a considerable amount of waste. Instead, figure out ways to setup your document to fit within the dimensions provided by your print broker. While this will take some time for you to plan your printing plates, it will ultimately be worth it.

Determine the importance of embellishments on the page. Determine if the company logo has to be on each page and what elements are more for show, rather than adding value to the appearance of a document. The more you simplify things, the more you save on time and money.

Paper weight will also have an impact on the cost of your print job. There are a considerable number of paper types that you will be able to choose from. This can range from thin Bible paper to heavy card stock. Depending on your budget, this can be a good are to save money on when you don’t need to impress people with the quality of paper.

When you are considering your printing options, sit down with a print broker and go over what you need to accomplish. Based on your needs, he will sit down with you and go over all the options that you have for your project. He can even provide you with some variables that will help you to adjust the costs of the project and can help you to ensure things are done right the first time. That will help you to save you both time and money.

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